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Bought this off another member, it's in great condition and a great hoodie but it's a bit big on me. A nice peppery dark grey color, with subtly striped accents. Now taking a hit on this, SOLD. Engineered Garments hoodie Armpit to Armpit: About 21" Shoulder to Shoulder: Raglan sleeves, but I'd estimate 19" Sleeve: Raglan, about 27" Total Length: 27"
how is the natural indigo fading wise?
dropped again.
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido Got to scaddadle as I have a ball to catch for cancer foundation & there won't be any smoking.. holy shit. this picture.
You must be like 6'5'' or something, i think if anything they're longer than usual.
the peacoat is coming back yes yes yes
Quote: Originally Posted by gotlighters size 43 comes out to be a 9 US right? I wear a size 9 in converses but idk what the fit would be like in superega I wear 9 in coverse and 43 in superga fits me well.
More drops.
This guy does not look awful. looks like 75% of the waywt posters.
I'd like a nice thick knit of some sort - don't really care about the brand but am looking to spend less than or around 100. 19-20 ish p2p with 26"ish sleeve length. Optimally looking for an SNS herning but i know i'm dreaming looking for one that cheap.
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