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What is wjk? that looks awesome.
Preferrably something that will fade, but black OD is okay too. Size 30-33 depending on brand, 11" or so (give or take half an inch) thigh and 7.25 - 8" leg opening.
Drop again.
Price drop.
Bought these from another member a little while ago, decided they aren't stretching very much and just hurt to wear. fantastic jeans, thick denim and feels great. Just too small for me. Very good condition, with a minor fault - noted in the bottom picture (rivet torn from pocket, it's solid though and i don't think it'll rip any more). The PO owned these for a couple weeks, and i've worn them twice. No fading to speak of. Unhemmed. Would also consider trades for other...
wow. those washes look really good.
jesus christ just wear your jeans and then wash them
Quote: Originally Posted by franchise717 free shipping too? yes indeed.
Something we can do, however, is order 500 large flat rate boxes to his house. They're free anyways.
gap / dior / clarks
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