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every single position red. fml.
$AMZN down over 9%
just glad to see it back in the 4s
Whadya get?
30 of my holdings down today, only 5 up.
He just grabbed some more this morning! Owns about $4 billion worth of $AAPL now... dang!
I'm off to a bad start this year too...DLTR down 12.22%, CTL down 10.33%, C (Citigroup) down 9.57%, AN down 4.54%, CELG down 4.48%, AMZN down 1.16%, SJNK down, CJS down, etc. etc.
Oh the carnage! Every single thing I own is in the red today -- except for BSV.The bull has lost its swagger!!!
Thank you! Unrealized of course so I'm not too worried... Buying opportunity!
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