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Oh yeah I'm all about tax harvesting too!
I'm all about not paying short-term capital gains, but it all depends on how they do! Will try to keep at least a year though, depending on many factors like market behavior, etc.
Went on a buying spree today... picked up $VZ, $FV, $GE, $TDIV, $VIG, $DIS, $INTC, $LYB, $SJNK, $WMT, $HES, $FEX, $PFE, $BEN and $XOM. Wish me luck, guys.
Great! You're definitely on the right track. Keep up the great work!Those are all great books - "The Intelligent Investor" is like the Bible of investment books.
VTSAX - 70%VTIAX - 25%VGSLX - 5%As you get older add in some VBTLX and reduce your VTSAX - by maybe 5% every 5 years.
5.74% on the year. Need to take bigger risks next year.
My Robinhood account was approved! Thanks GreenFrog for telling us about it. Seems like a great app - excited to try it out.
Looks like it's going to take me a while to get an account set up...
OTC hit it on the head... nice explanation, OTC!Well for me personally, my company limits my 401(k) choices exclusively to American Funds, so I have those... then I keep all my fun money at Merrill Lynch (where I have all my individual stocks as well as my mutual funds that mimic hedge funds like IVAEX, SGIIX, etc., my speculative plays, etc. etc.) but then I have the bulk of my monies in the (relative) safety of the traditional asset allocation of Betterment and...
My 401(k) and my Merrill Lynch and my Betterment and my Wise Banyan
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