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I shorted Ebola, so winrar
Bad couple of days, huh...
well I never did get in on Alibaba as I wanted to when I posted this more than three weeks ago, so... missed out on the 38% pop. FML.
Good day for me so far - 23 in the green, only 2 in the red (and one in the pink)
Yay now I can buy 15 Apple Watches with my 94% realized gain
Yes indeed! I do remember... those were amazing times. I also remember a run of Molton Brown products at TJ Maxx & Marshall's... so whenever I'm in one of those stores I take a quick glance at the jewelry counter (but all I see in the way of cufflinks are those ugly metallic ones that are reminiscent of tribal tattoos from the Ninety's) and all I ever see is that Bliss crap and non-name crap in the way of toiletries...Wonder what the next Talbott/Molton windfall Brown...
Picked up a few shares of $MNK (Irish Pharmaceutical company) at $84.94. Hopefully I'll ride this train to over $100...
BP's up a little today... that could turn out to be a great move!I sold all my $GD (General Dynamics) at $125.61. Bought it at $66.22. For those of you keeping score at home, that would be a nearly 100% ROI... Also picked up some STT and LLL.
You just won the Internet!
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