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my BIIB is up 37.87% from when I picked it up in early July MA is a good play
fwiw I picked up 700 shares of SLW late last week (Silver Wheaton - the largest precious metal streaming company in the world).This article from yesterday says now's the time to buy Silver Wheaton:http://seekingalpha.com/article/1942801-is-now-the-time-to-buy-silver-wheaton
Picked up 141 shares of $C today... Markets rebounding nicely.
I use the Portfolio feature on the Wall Street Journal site. It's provided by LikeAssetsOr you could shell out $1,600/month for Bloomberg.How about WikInvest?
Well if it's the house money and it's the speculative part of your portfolio, then by all means -- play on! Just looked up ACTC -- hmmm... I never touch any stock priced less than $10!!! Penny stocks scare me. Although I was talking to a friend yesterday who picked up 15,000 shares of $SIRI when it was priced at 5 and a half cents per share!!! (Which sounds like a lot at first but was only an $825 gamble, which is today worth over $57k). And now with Liberty ($LMCA)...
Hey what happened!I thought your question was good... you gotta look at the numbers and data points yourself and form your own conclusions - not just rely on what other people say.
Nope - not touching Twitter...Jim Cramer said last night that you should SELL SELL SELL your EPZM!!!It's not one of the Four Horsemen of Biotech ($BIIB, $CELG, $GILD and $REGN):Here's a screenshot from the other day for your trophy room:You better lock that in!
Well its 2016-2018 price projection high is 250, so... just hold on to it.
Nice! That IDFNL really knows his stuff.So you can make money following this thread!
Cool - thanks for the tip. Just signed up for their weekly market sentiment update: http://www.bakerave.com/blogI need an edge.
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