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I like it a lot, because it's just "set it and forget it" (the first "it" being your risk tolerance level - mine is the highest at 10 and you can change it any time). It's a lot like Betterment....You might be thinking of Covestor?
I use it! And I love it. Here's what they currently have me in:Also today in one of my brokerage accounts I picked up some $GME and $BBT.
Oh yeah I'm all about tax harvesting too!
I'm all about not paying short-term capital gains, but it all depends on how they do! Will try to keep at least a year though, depending on many factors like market behavior, etc.
Went on a buying spree today... picked up $VZ, $FV, $GE, $TDIV, $VIG, $DIS, $INTC, $LYB, $SJNK, $WMT, $HES, $FEX, $PFE, $BEN and $XOM. Wish me luck, guys.
Great! You're definitely on the right track. Keep up the great work!Those are all great books - "The Intelligent Investor" is like the Bible of investment books.
VTSAX - 70%VTIAX - 25%VGSLX - 5%As you get older add in some VBTLX and reduce your VTSAX - by maybe 5% every 5 years.
5.74% on the year. Need to take bigger risks next year.
My Robinhood account was approved! Thanks GreenFrog for telling us about it. Seems like a great app - excited to try it out.
Looks like it's going to take me a while to get an account set up...
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