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Alliant Techsystems seems to be a good buy, and it's always good to pick up more of a strong stock on the dips... keep of the great work!
Whoah that is awesome!
Thanks! I don't have more than 5% in any one stock (and I have like 25 stocks spread across a range of sectors) so that helps me sleep well at night.Sold my SLW today... picked it up back in January for $20.98unloaded it today at $24.66 for a $3.68/share gain.Also picked up some MGNX (Macrogenics) today at $22.36/share -- target is $30.Here's a little bit about MGNX if you guys are interested in going along with me for the...
Nice jump -- $OREX up over 7% today!
Well fwiw I've done well holding these three funds... you might wanna research them to see how they fit in with your risk/reward level.
Good point - people too often neglect the importance of timely executions.Did some buying and selling today in my play account - unloaded $WHR, $FLR and $EOG, picked up some $NE, $ESV and $CTSH.
One way to get around the trading costs is through Schwab's ETF OneSourceā„¢ -- where you will not incur any commissions to buy or sell over a hundred different ETFs (in your online Schwab account). In my Schwab account I have SCHB, SCHD, SCHF, SCHE and a little JPP. As an example, SCHB is of course commission-free and has an expense ratio of only .04%, giving you a cheap, easy way to own Apple, Exxon, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, General Electric, Wells Fargo, Chevron,...
check out www.betterment.com
That's a good point... it does have a $12 price target though! That's almost double the $6.40/share I just paid... so please keep your fingers crossed!
Decided to sell all of my OZM at $13.37... a gain of $1.29/share since I picked it up at the end of April.Picked up 5,000 shares of Orexigen ($OREX) because their weight-loss drug ContraveĀ® is expected to be approved by the FDA on June 10th.http://seekingalpha.com/article/2239863-orexigen-will-run-heres-why
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