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Nice! That IDFNL really knows his stuff.So you can make money following this thread!
Cool - thanks for the tip. Just signed up for their weekly market sentiment update: http://www.bakerave.com/blogI need an edge.
Nice going! Hope it continues to skyrocket for you guys. How'd you hear about EPZM? It wasn't even on my radar...But I did pick up some CTL, PXD and SLW today... who's coming along with me for the ride?
In addition to the finance types I previously mentioned that I follow on Twitter (@KeithMcCullough, @andrewrsorkin, @montoyan, @BloombergMrkts, @WSJecon, @MarketBeat, @kathylienfx, @saraeisenFX, @scarletfu, @tomkeene, @matt_levine, @M_C_Klein, @Dawn_Kopecki, @izakaminska, @CardiffGarcia, @chrisadamsmkts, @EricGPlatt, @dealbook, @NadiaSpeaks, @danacimilluca, @weigu, @ReutersMoney, @WealthBulletin, @BeckyQuick, @AaronLucchetti, @PreetaTweets, @morningmoneyben, @carney,...
Those are all excellent choices. What do you think about Investor's Business Daily?
I watch Mad Money nightly and fast money and I have mutual funds! I think your advice is solid.You just gotta take everything you watch on TV or read on the Internet with a grain of salt.I follow a bunch of finance guys on Twitter.... @KeithMcCullough, @andrewrsorkin, @montoyan, @BloombergMrkts, @WSJecon, @MarketBeat, @kathylienfx, @saraeisenFX, @scarletfu, @tomkeene, @matt_levine, @M_C_Klein, @Dawn_Kopecki, @izakaminska, @CardiffGarcia, @chrisadamsmkts, @EricGPlatt,...
Poll: Who here reads Investor's Business Daily daily?
I think it's great that you're interested in investing. Keep reading books and magazines and newspapers and other Internet fora and the Value Line Investment Survey and keep posting here and asking lots of questions, but take everything you read with a grain of salt. Save up some cash and when you meet the minimum investment amounts, put 55% of your cash into VTI, 30% into VEU, 10% into VIG and 5% into BND and keep adding to those whenever you can. Rebalance as...
When you're ready to start trading you might want to take a look at Interactive Brokers.https://www.interactivebrokers.com/en/main.phpOh and you're gonna want to be a lot more diversified.
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