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That's very good!! What are you holding?
I'm up 4.65% so far this year with my 5 American funds:
Have you tried Spotify?Picked up some $BBY this morning...
Look what arrived in the mail today!
Added some financials today... $COF & $RF
FML. My sure-bet pony sprained his ankle out of the gate.
haha my position is less than 1% so in the grand scheme of things, it's a blip on the radar but it's always fun to bet on a winning pony!
You made the right choice. Bet the farm!!!http://seekingalpha.com/article/2874616-bet-the-farm-on-gilead-again"In Q4, Gilead's revenue and earnings will reflect the full potential of [its Hep C drug] Sovaldi/Harvoni. With a market capitalization of $158 billion, the stock is undervalued at 14x run rate earnings. Bet the farm on Gilead again. You will be rewarded."
did you see this?http://tablet.gq.com/style/2384-abercrombie-ceo-mike-jeffries-is-out-but-how-bad-has-it-gotten-reallyI like GILD enough to have 200 shares of it and I'm up a few hunge since I bought it, but Bank of America/Merrill Lynch currently has its rating as "Underperform"**BofAML Rating - The BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research rating system. The investment ratings reflect the analyst's assessment of a stock's absolute total return potential and attractiveness for...
that's a good point... reminds me of what somebody said once about buying the opposite of whatever Jim Cramer recommends!I'm sure I own some apple in my mutual funds... it always seems to be one of the top 5 holdings.
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