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thanks for the link. Interesting read!
FWIW this is my allocation of American funds:
Just put an order in for some Pioneer, Fifth Third Bank and Unum...
Nice meeting everybody tonight! It was a lot of fun. Thanks Mishon for bringing cigars and PiCcolocV for organizing. Nice to finally meet Ambulance Chaser in real life. The evening was a resounding success - we even had one pocket square convert!
I shorted Ebola, so winrar
Bad couple of days, huh...
well I never did get in on Alibaba as I wanted to when I posted this more than three weeks ago, so... missed out on the 38% pop. FML.
Good day for me so far - 23 in the green, only 2 in the red (and one in the pink)
Yay now I can buy 15 Apple Watches with my 94% realized gain
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