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I know, right? Haven't found anything for five years (except for one Kiton necktie a few months ago) and then suddenly this! Think I'll keep a few and ebay the rest.
I found seven Herm├Ęs neckties:
Here's what I'm currently holding:
I love it! Couldn't be happier! Just set it and forget it! I set it to the highest risk level (10 out of 10)
Thank you my friend! Very exciting... just wish I didn't have to pay short-term capital gains taxes on it... Now if only my $GILD would do something... I'm down overall
Guilty as charged!!Had to lock in that five figure gain when I saw that crazy pop over their weight loss drug getting a patent.
Buy or sell?
Not for $OREX. I'll take a $10g intraday pop any day of the week
Nasdaq hits 5000 for first time since dot-com era http://on.wsj.com/1E9j8Sc
That's what I did - risk tolerance to the max (10) and this is what they have me in:also as a founding member they sent me a t-shirt
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