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It's gotta be a reproduction, no? What's this Hockney worth if it's real? The frame is nice.Kudos to you guys who recognized it! I couldn't decipher the signature.
Anybody recognize this artist?
I've been over in the "Talking Stocks, Trading and Investing" thread!!! But with this recent find maybe I'll hit some more thrifts to see what I can stir up...
I know, right? Haven't found anything for five years (except for one Kiton necktie a few months ago) and then suddenly this! Think I'll keep a few and ebay the rest.
I found seven Herm├Ęs neckties:
Here's what I'm currently holding:
I love it! Couldn't be happier! Just set it and forget it! I set it to the highest risk level (10 out of 10)
Thank you my friend! Very exciting... just wish I didn't have to pay short-term capital gains taxes on it... Now if only my $GILD would do something... I'm down overall
Guilty as charged!!Had to lock in that five figure gain when I saw that crazy pop over their weight loss drug getting a patent.
Buy or sell?
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