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Northern Virginia!That would be quite an honor considering this thread is 8,900 pages of amazing finds. But soon somebody is going to find a long-lost Pressenda or a del Gesu or an Amati or a Maggini or a Bergonzi that will put this Hockney to shame. (Will trade this Hockney for any violin or cello by any of the aforementioned makers - subject to authenticity by third-party.)Well, for now -- I'll hold onto it... thanks everybody for sharing your knowledge -- I constantly...
haha! It barely fit in the back seat of my car and I have an Avalon and I had to fold down the passenger seat with one end hanging out the window...but if it's going to appreciate in value I might just hold on to it for investment purposes because it will be worth more when Mr. Hockney passes away? He's 77, according to Wikipedia. And British!But I will put some Hermes ties on eBay soon...
So this is like the art world equivalent of a Vicuña overcoat?I noticed a raised mark by the sig - does this signify anything?
It's gotta be a reproduction, no? What's this Hockney worth if it's real? The frame is nice.Kudos to you guys who recognized it! I couldn't decipher the signature.
Anybody recognize this artist?
I've been over in the "Talking Stocks, Trading and Investing" thread!!! But with this recent find maybe I'll hit some more thrifts to see what I can stir up...
I know, right? Haven't found anything for five years (except for one Kiton necktie a few months ago) and then suddenly this! Think I'll keep a few and ebay the rest.
I found seven Hermès neckties:
Here's what I'm currently holding:
I love it! Couldn't be happier! Just set it and forget it! I set it to the highest risk level (10 out of 10)
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