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Not really... I do it by product class. Mutual funds (SGIIX, MALOX, IVAEX, ISTIX) are my largest individual holdings, comprising some 80% of the holdings in my play account, with a basket of about 30 individual stocks comprising about 15% and the rest in cash.
I like KPTI a lot even though I'm down over 11% since I bought in two weeks ago:
I like BIIB. It was up over 475 as recently as last month - did you pick it up around 390? I think you'll do well with this one.
Up over 8% in less than a week! Anyone else buy?
So do I! I believe some of those people took a "bet the farm" approach, choosing not to diversify, and a few even lost their entire life savings.
Apple made a last-minute decision to use TSM for its chips in the iPhone 7, so hoping the stock will continue to climb.
Bought 700 shares of $TSM.
Thinking of buying some TSM... (Taiwan Semiconductor) -- anyone own it?
Got a hot tip on a cancer-fighting biotech... this could go horribly wrong, or... S500 with "$KPTI" plates in my future?
Picked up some HAL
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