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they're doing something right!
Picked up another 2,000 shares of $OREX
Just picked up some $PH (Parker Hannifin)
Happy Friday! Every single position is in the green!!!
Looks like $YELP is just clawing its way back to where it was a month ago after that 30% loss on April 30th.
Wow everything in the red today except for one holding - TSM.
Just put in your $18k and move on to your other investments.
How's everybody doing on their 401k's ytd? I'm just over 5.5%.
Not really... I do it by product class. Mutual funds (SGIIX, MALOX, IVAEX, ISTIX) are my largest individual holdings, comprising some 80% of the holdings in my play account, with a basket of about 30 individual stocks comprising about 15% and the rest in cash.
I like KPTI a lot even though I'm down over 11% since I bought in two weeks ago:
New Posts  All Forums: