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Which book is it?
Just checked today and I busted 30%!!!I hope things stay bullish through 2014...
Nope -- they are "regular".... not over-the-calf.
For sale are these 80% cashmere socks - made in Italy. 6 pairs. Labeled Size 10/12 (but will fit a range). 2 1 Dark Blue ribbed, 2 1 Dark Grey non-ribbed, 2 1 Dark Grey ribbed Only $20 shipped each to USA and Canada. Only $25 shipped worldwide (ex USA/Canada) ALL SOLD!
Yeah there is definitely a lot of overlap... unfortunately the choices are very limited in my company's 401k offerings... only select American Funds - so this account is just my long-term growth account but my play account where I have individual stocks and other goodies is my Merrill Lynch account. That's where I have more freedom.Well this financial advisor is "free" as he's the rep for my company's 401k plan but I'm sure his fees are rolled into whatever mutual fund...
Nice! I'm up 29.86% on mine... just talked to my financial advisor who had me tweak my allocation slightly going into 2014 - so now I have new contributions going equally (25% each) into ANCFX, AGTHX, ANEFX and SMCWX.
More thoughts to consider going into the new year... http://theyieldgame.com/2013/12/14/the-beginning-construction-of-my-2014-portfolio/
Stock ideas for 2014 - anybody going to get some of these? Fwiw I have 75 shares of $XOM... http://www.thereformedbroker.com/2013/12/06/merrill-lynch-quant-strategy-names-their-top-10-stocks-for-2014/
Personally I'd stay away from APDN - there's a reason it's trading at 17 cents a share... but if you're into gambling then maybe it's worth a chance. But imho, stay away from penny stocks, and buy some more GILD for the upside. It's House money with your previous gains on the stock, so... just go for it!
Picked up some LLY and GILD.
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