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Since he asked you to use this service, he's the one that should pay for it! Ridiculous.
Nice little 4%+ intraday pop on my MGNX and OREX
I want in on Alibaba!!
I just picked up some ISTIX yesterday and some other previously-mentioned goodies over the past week... so far I'm up over $500!
I'm just doing a little nibbling too for now... just picked up four more that look good to me after the opening bell -- LyondellBasell, Exxon, Kohl's and Franklin Templeton Investments...My biggest gamble of the group is T. Rowe Price which I picked up for $77 and change... we'll see how that goes.
Now's a good time to buy since stocks have taken a hit recently due to ongoing geopolitical tensions. Just placed my order for some EMC, T. Rowe Price, Nielsen and Dentsply. Will buy more depending on what markets do today.
What does that mean for us non-finance types?
lol! shoulda coulda woulda
Some people speak highly of Interactive Brokers, but I use Merrill Lynch as I don't trade that often.
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