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not losses! unrealized negative gains!!! this is true! with that little cookie around the straw...
Shoot I can't make it tonight due to a prior commitment but I hope everyone has fun and see you at the next one!
I hope you don't eat there...wow you're not kidding -- a sea of red... fml.
Yes! Loss aversion... and the endowment effect. I used to hate selling losers too, but psychologically I try to sell myself on "tax harvesting" to rationalize realizing losses because it is hard to be impartial. With stocks (unlike gambling in Vegas where the money is just gone), there's (usually) always a chance that your money will come back (like SkinnyGoomba's oil stocks) unless of course you buy a company like WorldCom like I did back in the day.Dow up over 17,000...
No that's a very good point - and I agree with you. I do want to give my $OREX position some time as it's barely a month old. I did want to post that I'm currently down in the interest of fairness. Seems as though many people (myself included) only post their winners, but it doesn't paint an honest picture if we distort our stock-picking abilities by only posting winners.Personally for me, $OREX is a good position for my portfolio. It's one of a handful of biotechs I have...
thanks, dude... I'm holding on to it until I see a nice profit (knock on wood!) and it is back up 2.31% today so I'm only down 4.35% overall... just gotta see it back into the black! Damn volatile stocks make my stomach in knots.
Well Orexigen ($OREX) is not moving in the direction that I'd hoped... down 6.51% since I bought it last month... FML
Alliant Techsystems seems to be a good buy, and it's always good to pick up more of a strong stock on the dips... keep of the great work!
Whoah that is awesome!
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