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Mine's up 35.21% since I bought it (+23.34% ytd) but you're right that a lot of hedge funds are lagging the market. 0.74% fees. IVAEX.https://www.ivyfunds.com/products-performance/mutual-funds/ivy-funds/asset-strategy/i/473It's a specialty mutual fund that my brokerage identifies as "hedge fund strategies" in my sector distribution chart. They seem to short a lot of things so maybe that's why?
Well if your VTI accounts for 55% of your portfolio, and you also have VEU making up 30%, VIG making up 10% and BND making up 5% then you're on the right track!
Exactly -- can't remember a year when my top five best-performing stock holdings are up over 38% and my top five best-performing realized stock picks this year earned 62%!
Nice going. Looks like BAC started the year just over $10/share and now it's at $15 and change - what did you pick it up for?
I see what's going on... the +14.38% it's showing me on the first page of my account is not accounting for the realized gains I've locked in over the year. So I'm up 14% on my current stock holdings -- but I'll figure out what I'm up for the year including things I've sold.A quick spreadsheet dump of realized gains/losses on stocks ytd:IVY HIGH INCOME COMMONSHARES -14.34%CHESAPEAKE ENERGY OKLA -12.09%CENTURYLINK INC SHS -10.72%WHIRLPOOL CORP -8.30%APACHE CORP...
Yeah it's pretty conservative, actually... breaks down to this:23.08% Large Cap Growth21.31% Large Cap Value13.8% Small/Mid-Cap Growth1.38% Small/Mid-Cap Value10.12% International Equity5.94% Long Term Bond5.00% Intermediate Term Bond2.78% Short Term Bond2.39% Fixed Income Blend2.00% Cash12.2% Hedge Fund Strategiesbut my 100% stock 401K is up 28.21% ytd.
My stocks are up 14.38% ytd. I currently own a basket of 22 individual stocks, with the biggest winners this year so far (unrealized) being HES (Hess Corp) up 45.94%, ETN (Eaton Corp PLC) up 39.99%, and GD (General Dynamics) up 38.04%. My biggest winners this year (realized) have been MU (Micron Technology Inc) which I sold after a 166% gain, SPG (Simon Property Group) which I sold up 66% and VVUS (Vivus) which I sold to lock in a 34% gain. Drags on stock portfolio so...
Damn bro, sorry to hear that! You also do value investing right?Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
How so?Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
I still don't understand the concept of mining. Can anybody explain it in simple terms please?Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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