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Yay now I can buy 15 Apple Watches with my 94% realized gain
Yes indeed! I do remember... those were amazing times. I also remember a run of Molton Brown products at TJ Maxx & Marshall's... so whenever I'm in one of those stores I take a quick glance at the jewelry counter (but all I see in the way of cufflinks are those ugly metallic ones that are reminiscent of tribal tattoos from the Ninety's) and all I ever see is that Bliss crap and non-name crap in the way of toiletries...Wonder what the next Talbott/Molton windfall Brown...
Picked up a few shares of $MNK (Irish Pharmaceutical company) at $84.94. Hopefully I'll ride this train to over $100...
BP's up a little today... that could turn out to be a great move!I sold all my $GD (General Dynamics) at $125.61. Bought it at $66.22. For those of you keeping score at home, that would be a nearly 100% ROI... Also picked up some STT and LLL.
You just won the Internet!
Whoah - that's crazy!!
haha I have one of Robert Kiyosaki's books... the one that he co-authored with Donald Trump titled, "Why We Want You To Be Rich" (fourth from top in pic of my bookshelf below). Whatever you do, don't go to one of his "free" seminars (he won't even be there), and take everything you read with a grain of salt. But definitely read a variety of investment books and magazines like Kiplinger's and Money, etc. and of course keep up with the WSJ and FT, etc.Some of my...
Anybody else jump on the Betterment and WiseBanyan bandwagons with me? I like putting chunks of money on auto-pilot... Betterment is even tax-loss harvesting for me! I chose the most aggressive risk levels -- this is what Betterment has me in: Invest it and forget it! Profit later.
I figure that since managing the money is the fund manager's full-time job, he or she can do a better job than I can as an individual who just doesn't have an extra 40-60 hours per week to commit to it like the investment professional does.
Nice! You're almost double my returns (5.78% YTD). I'm 100% in STOCKS - large, medium, small, international, emerging markets, you name it.
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