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OTC hit it on the head... nice explanation, OTC!Well for me personally, my company limits my 401(k) choices exclusively to American Funds, so I have those... then I keep all my fun money at Merrill Lynch (where I have all my individual stocks as well as my mutual funds that mimic hedge funds like IVAEX, SGIIX, etc., my speculative plays, etc. etc.) but then I have the bulk of my monies in the (relative) safety of the traditional asset allocation of Betterment and...
My 401(k) and my Merrill Lynch and my Betterment and my Wise Banyan
How's everybody doing for the year on returns? I'm at 5.59%.
Just picked up some VIG. We'll see what happens...
I wonder what will happen when Buffet is no longer able to manage it...
AMCPX is a good one. You might want some international exposure to complement it, however. Actually I'm not really sure what I'm doing either TBH!
I know right? I just feel like this one has been battered as of late, so now's a good time for a long play on this one.
Just picked up some $AEPGX as I have a feeling it will go up.
4th largest energy company in North America!
Picked up 200 shares of GILD....
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