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Don't feel bad - he was looking extra spiffy as always!
I'll be there!
Bought some SGIIX
oh man I need a drink. gonna make it a double.
Likewise! Congrats on your FB killing!
Bulkin' up my ETFs
Chinese stocks down more than 7 percent; trading halted for the day for the second time this week! fml:foo:
Down -6.64% since Jan. 1 in my all-stock 401k.
So how is everybody doing in their 401k's year-to-date? I'm up 5.53%.
Halp! My company just made available some new choices in our 401K plan, so I need advice for an aggressive long-term portfolio allocation that will kick some serious ass. Do you guys have any experience with any of these? Comments and suggestions are much appreciated... need to reallocate what I currently have into any combination of the following: Vanguard 500 Index Fund Admiral Shares (VFIAX) Harbor Capital Appreciation Fund Institutional Class (HACAX) EuroPacific...
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