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Bought some SGIIX
oh man I need a drink. gonna make it a double.
Likewise! Congrats on your FB killing!
Bulkin' up my ETFs
Chinese stocks down more than 7 percent; trading halted for the day for the second time this week! fml:foo:
Down -6.64% since Jan. 1 in my all-stock 401k.
So how is everybody doing in their 401k's year-to-date? I'm up 5.53%.
Halp! My company just made available some new choices in our 401K plan, so I need advice for an aggressive long-term portfolio allocation that will kick some serious ass. Do you guys have any experience with any of these? Comments and suggestions are much appreciated... need to reallocate what I currently have into any combination of the following: Vanguard 500 Index Fund Admiral Shares (VFIAX) Harbor Capital Appreciation Fund Institutional Class (HACAX) EuroPacific...
Yay I'm loving the bounce! BEST TWO DAYS EVAH!!!!
Nice!! Always wanted to own some of that...
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