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^^ yes, international shipping is available. some items sold, and further price drops!
cdg cardigan sold. price drops on everything, looking to sell these items fast
Final price drop on CDG cardigan. Got a few offers but whoever sends me payment first gets it. Also price drops on other items as well.
added four jackets
added a bunch of items, and further price drop on cdg cardigan
TOJ harrington sold, and a price drop on the CDG Cardigan.
I accept Paypal (+4% or gift). Shipping not included CDG Play Cardigan $250-> $200 USD -> SOLD W+H Black Zip-Up Hoody $95 USD-> SOLD Reigning Champ S/S10 Coach Jacket Size M. Brand new, hasn't been worn at all. Not sure if I want to sell this... The jacket is pinstripe blue/white. $150-> $140-> $120 USD Details-...
^^ Snap-buttons Btw a denim jacket w/leather sleeves sounds sweet. I'm also interested in knowing how much that would cost?
TOJ varsity and Geller jacket have both been sold. Price of the W+H jeans have also been marked down to $120.
Added a TOJ 1.5 varsity and a JCrew shirt. The problem with pm's has also been fixed.
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