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In my case I wear UK6 in Santoni, C&J 348 last UK7, C&J 341 last UK6, C&J 360 last UK6. My one pair of Magnanni are comparable to Santoni as to fit. I have them in UK6.
A pair I wanted for more than 2 years, and I finally bought them. The Santoni 7553!
I would say Borrelli, Jacob Cohen or Incotex Jeans. No fashion brands like Gucci, Prada, Dior etc. They're expensive but bad taste.
Recently I wore the C&J Wigmore (360 last) at a local shop here in Holland. The 360 last shoes are only available in mto-programs or by ordering at the c& site. In my experience the 360 last is almost the same as the 348. I own 341 and 348 pairs. It's just a bit narrower at the nose. The Wigmore:
Perhaps Santoni? There are numerous shops offering pairs under 500,-
C&J Wakefield is a made to order and is only available in one store.
My humble collection: Santoni Monster Ardesia, C&J Malvern, Santoni Elefante Boss derby (shoes for my fraternity), Shipton & Heneage ankelboots, Zegna unlined boots, Shipton & Heneage pumps/slippers, Van Lier Brogues (shoes for pesky showers, etc.), Van Lier derby. C&J Wakefield, C&J Lowndes, Santoni, Magnanni derby Santoni, Santoni
I got the Liddlesdale fitted (already wear a XS). Most members of wear it (even inside the city) cut to the bone Crappy pic of me wearing one... Shaving is not obliged while being a student
Here in Europe one wears white tie (so no ordinary suit) during promoting to become a doctor in science. Why the heck do they want to use such a hybride???
My modest collection of Santoni loafers
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