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Manouche is your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former room-mate. What does that make you?
Most studs are basic shapes in plain metals, occasionally onyx or MOP. They will 'match' most cufflinks or contrast rather nicely. I only use the whole set as such when I'm wearing full traditional formal, otherwise cufflinks and braces are where you can have a bit of fun!
Square or circle in classic, tasteful designs. Also, pairs that are cool or a nod to one's interests.
Is anyone familiar with Nathan's in Richmond? It looks like I'll finally be headed home to the Old Dominion, and I want to find a good tailor that will do at least MTM if not bespoke. Primarily looking at shirts, then odd jackets and trousers, and eventually suits. I prefer Richmond to DC, but if it's going to be that much better, I can drive. Shoes, ties, accessories in stock would be even better. You guys know what we look for. ...
Adding my congrats to the group's!
Quote: Originally Posted by Lucky Strike Houndstooth can also work well, I find: There is no item of clothing in this photo I don't like. That fabric is SWEET!
The main reason I left SF the first time was I couldn't coordinate colors when starting with a dark shirt, which is all I was trying other than white. Meh, I was younger then. :edit: I'm doing much better now.
Too matchy... Sorry, can't recommend a bag; I don't carry one.
Quote: Originally Posted by Trojanman74 D widths are available - excellent I agree. Then again, your 'at cost +$12' plan isn't helping me as much here as it does for NR. We need to figure something else out!
With the increased fees and stricter listing rules, you'd think they'd be able to crack down on blatantly misrepresented product like this one. Nope, these surely aren't seconds or returns, etc. That marker on the sole is just factory decoration. Yup!
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