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+1 for dinner jacket if the event crosses into evening. For an event that only takes place in the afternoon, I would vote stroller and morning trousers.
Thanks guys! This is exactly the kind of information I was looking for.
Manouche is your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former room-mate. What does that make you?
Most studs are basic shapes in plain metals, occasionally onyx or MOP. They will 'match' most cufflinks or contrast rather nicely. I only use the whole set as such when I'm wearing full traditional formal, otherwise cufflinks and braces are where you can have a bit of fun!
Square or circle in classic, tasteful designs. Also, pairs that are cool or a nod to one's interests.
Is anyone familiar with Nathan's in Richmond? http://www.nathanscustomtailors.com/ It looks like I'll finally be headed home to the Old Dominion, and I want to find a good tailor that will do at least MTM if not bespoke. Primarily looking at shirts, then odd jackets and trousers, and eventually suits. I prefer Richmond to DC, but if it's going to be that much better, I can drive. Shoes, ties, accessories in stock would be even better. You guys know what we look for. ...
Adding my congrats to the group's!
Quote: Originally Posted by Lucky Strike Houndstooth can also work well, I find: There is no item of clothing in this photo I don't like. That fabric is SWEET!
The main reason I left SF the first time was I couldn't coordinate colors when starting with a dark shirt, which is all I was trying other than white. Meh, I was younger then. :edit: I'm doing much better now.
Too matchy... Sorry, can't recommend a bag; I don't carry one.
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