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I prefer silk 90% of the time, but there are times where cotton works better. White linen TV is the only time I use any of those three things at all. I've also heard quilted cats in pockets are going to be huge pretty soon!
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Ok, people, let's work this out together. Culture is a function of location. First, the driveway is not paved, and we can not see the local byway. We can therefore wager that said driveway is fairly long, suggesting a rural locale. This is further evidenced by the large satellite dish over this gentleman's left shoulder, indicating that he resides too far from the cable company to fall within their...
Quote: Originally Posted by Magician ...I was honestly disappointed that this wasn't a sales thread... Have at it! Willsw, always ahead of the curve!
These are awesome. I'm thinking they would also be really nice in black stingray on cordovan. Anybody else?
Looks great! Keep it up; reminds me of my youth in such clothing that I'm just now getting back to.
Daytime wear and social occasions that are not work or work-related. Evenings in the company of friends. Certainly not first dates, but possibly on subsequent dates, depending on the lady. Probably like bowties, etc., i.e. 'If you have to ask, they're not for you'.
Quote: Originally Posted by Shikar wonders at a Mercedes stealership.Regards. Must be a Texas thing. Army ACU's worked at Jag in Austin.
Definition of patina in the OED: These ^^ They're great!
I think it depends on what it is and whether you can pull it off. Traditional, no. Stylish, maybe. "mounted butterflies or insects, leaves, crab claws, etc. The posibilities are endless: El Lizzitsky used radishes on occasion." -LW
Congrats from another married SF'er! And Manton's is there, he's just being lively.
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