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I don't like that I do, but I do. Dressing well, by whatever standards, shows respect to those around you. It's the same as learning to speak correctly. These are the qualities that others can observe about you, so you should work to improve them. SF, AAAC, LL, et. al. are free. People damn sure watch enough television to see examples that, while not to SF standard, are a step in the right direction. And when everyone is dressing more correctly, the standards would...
Quote: Originally Posted by 82-Greg Then again, I went to a military college and the uniform for the occasion was full dress gray with summer white trousers. The coat was a very low quality wool, but there was plenty of it for those nice warm days in August and May when we wore it. Since I did the same, I have to ask which school. There are only three that still use the grays, and as you mentioned August and May, I think I know which...
Most graduations I've been to, both my own and in the audience, have a dress code. Then again, it's under a robe most of the time, so what's the point?
I had my doubts, and I still want to see pics with them on, but this looks legit. whois checks out. Props on the electric blue shoes!
Maybe it's just me, but crepe soles look too chunky without suede uppers.
Pics or it didn't happen
Quote: Originally Posted by Degendorff .. FIXED
I look at it like this; even if it is a later addition, which I don't doubt considering Will's the source, it was established before I was born and is widely accepted. There are other styles that I like and would wear (many listed here fall under this category), but it's the same as with pocket squares, vests, etc. One can still be well turned out without being strictly traditional, and it's not always a bad thing.
Though any black overcoat will most likely be fine, the Chesterfield is the 'correct' answer. Keep in mind, though, whichever you choose should be accompanied by a white silk, tasseled scarf which stays with the coat.
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