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Dibs on VV, if not already taken.
Recently, one of the men's magazines we love to hate published the following. They're pushing the 501 especially as more than a rebel youth, cool-weather jacket. As long as I've lived on the East Coast, I've never seen them worn as anything but. Is this fashion hype, or am I missing something? "The jean jacket may be the most egalitarian article of clothing a man can own. Embraced over the years by both the Establishment and the anti-Establishment, it transcends...
Quote: Originally Posted by R-H I've been wearing Polo shirts since I was a kid. I had no idea they were ever 'in'. +1; same with sperrys.
I am late X. Always looked up to my grandparents, grandfather especially, for how to act, dress, etc. Never was very impressed with the Boomers, but I grew up in the yuppies-everywhere 80's, so not really anything impressive to begin with. I think that Y is starting to do great things; the arguments against them point to those members that won't go anywhere, and we have those in every generation. Don't worry, soon we will colonize Mars and space travel will be...
Just a couple of belts and a pocket square from Vineyard Vines' end-of-season sale. edit: Also a pair of VV white cotton trousers from B&S, whusurdadi. Trying to save a little for the pre-cruise spree in November.
Assuming the check is large enough, anything from the blue part of the color wheel will accent the fact that it's blue on cream.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant You have to wear hats with confidence - it's not an age issue. If you don't feel comfortable in a hat... don't do it. Applies to most clothing, but especially hats in our time. I didn't see the picture in your post, but I meant something like this:
Tweed caps or fedoras. Umbrellas are generally for couples and are less appreciated when used by solo men on crowded sidewalks. A trenchcoat and cap will keep you dry.
Mineral oil: As long as it's a food-grade mineral oil, you're good. Mineral oil is actually preferable to vegetable oil for those chefs still using wooden boards because a board so treated will not pick up aromas as easily. Dishwasher: I've washed bamboo boards in the dishwasher before with no soap and they turn out fine. I only worry that with the heat of the dishwasher, the fibers will have expanded and trapped soap particles once they compressed again. Cutting on...
+1 to all the spot-fat reduction is a myth comments. The body 'chooses' to burn what's most available. The latest research shows that either low-fat or low-carb diets will lead to fat loss as long as they are energy restricted. That said, long term effects of low-carb diets have yet to be determined outside of social pockets that don't have easy access to carbs (Inuit, etc.). It's rare for the human body to consume its own established muscle tissue. That only...
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