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Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel They describe the Boy Scout-ish rituals like burning an image of "Care" in front of a statue of an owl as "Baal worship"! That's ridiculous! Everyone knows the owl is a symbol of Athena.
Can: school-sponsored events
Quote: Originally Posted by robin You do realize both are seasonal shoes, and not even from the same season, right? fixxord
Yeah, stylish bunch of felons, huh?
Quote: Originally Posted by Doc4 Should I buy this painting? It's just of some woman I've never met, and she's just sitting there and smiling a bit. Sorry, I can't post pictures of it ... Now, is this someone's Grade 11 art project, or the Mona Lisa? I thought it was your avatar.
Yes. Styleforum has lost the final battle. Proceed to your local payless for your issue crocs, and try to move on with your life. We're going to be Okay.
D**n! I would've already snapped these up, but I don't get paid until next week.
I now look back in horror on that ubiquitous look from the eighties and nineties - three button suit, voluminous pleated chinos and boat shoes. The pleated chinos and boat shoes went long ago for me and in the past two to three summers I've not worn three button suits either, preferring button down shirts or an open spread collar with sleeves rolled to the elbow when hot. Chinos are now slim and flat front while boat shoes are replaced by casual loafers (mainly suede) or...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac ?? Umbrellas are not for couples. They are too small for 2 people. OK. It's not like I can force people to believe as I do. It's just my opinion that a coat and hat keep a man dry enough, while a couple can walk side by side with their heads under a decent umbrella (since most women don't wear practical hats), and what parts of them do stick out are covered by said coats. A sidewalk full of individuals...
Cutting out your best accessory isn't going to get you as much help as you could've gotten from MC...
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