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Nike Air Max 95's The same shoes all the criminals are wearing this season!
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy I'd go for an updated preppy look and combine it with a blue OC shirt and Blue Blazer. The shirt and jacket would need to be fitted and well tailored or it would look too old fashioned IMO. +zⁿ Also expandable to other color combinations, even possibly with a tie, if one were so motivated and confident in their ability to do so.
No such thing as 'bad carbs' or 'bad sugars'. Fruit is healthier than candy, but fructose is no better than sucrose. It's everything else that's in it, too. Juicing whole fruit, if you can with your allergy, is the best way to get more complete nutrients.
Tablecloth from a gay Italian restaurant.
Quote: Originally Posted by Modernist Short answer: No, but it helps. But you do have to have taste. Long answer: Subcultures, especially those coming from the working class or minorities, were about low income young people doing their own thing. Even when appropriating (and perhaps mocking?) items from different classes and groups, they did it in their own way. So there is the sociological proof that it doesn't have to be like that. In order to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart pocketsquares I'm a fan, but if you dont wear one it looks fine too. I'd rather see no pocketsquare than some of ways they're put into the pockets on this forum, like plants sprouting up with all these tendrils sticking out -1 Plant tendril-style is a legitimate medium. (For SOME) <- Styleforum's only real rule: If you have to ask...
There are bits of truth in every board and thread mentioned here. The reality, there is no way forward for trad. It uses concepts of original items of a regional style and makes them fashion. One thing we can all agree on (I hope) is that fashions die. I say LET IT. Meanwhile, those of us who either grew up with or took as our own, the style behind the movement should continue to do so. Wear the full range of the style, including those key pieces that when worn...
+2 for linen crown, though I like a classy contrast edge.
Post Deleted. Next time I'll read the question.
Quote: Originally Posted by Doc4 The only way I'd do buttons is with a hidden plaquet, so you couldn't see them anyhow. +1
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