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Quote: Originally Posted by J'aimelescravates Thanks for clarifying Yeah, even after the magazine cover, I still wasn't quite sure. Besides, Mr. Z does not correspond with society's conveyed concept of 'black'.
only mine is white. Working on converting it to my dream car. Jaguar Racing Green, spoke wheels.....oh yeah!
Quote: Originally Posted by Threadbearer If it is an evening wedding, thou shalt wear a suit. End of story. And thou shalt wear thy suit conservatively enough not to overshadow the groom. If it is a daytime event, however, thou may substitute a sport coat, but again, thou shalt not overshadow the groom. Thus, it is written. +1 Can I get that inscribed on blue sapphire stone tablets?
Yes, No, and 'poor firefighter'! Quote: Originally Posted by a tailor go to search. [why you should wear your pajamas to bed].
The other person's computer will mark them as misspelled unless he/she has also ignored that word. No way to stop it. Microsoft knows more than you.
26 -almost 27. The new GI Bill is much better for the average Soldier. Though not eligible for the GI Bill, I'm using the TA program to start my Master's while deployed.
1. Find a good shirtmaker. This is the easiest way to improve the way you dress. 2. Flannels, gabardines, and chinos. Two pair each in basic colors. Because, um, you need pants. 3. Gray suit or Navy suit. You need one of each, but one can wait until later due to budget. 4. Half a dozen ties. Use the guidance found at: Other than the shirtmaker, ebay and the B&S...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nonk Out of interest, what is the award you have? The Noble Patron of Armor, an offshoot of the Honorable Order of St. George.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Don't they have miniature versions to wear for dress occasions? Quote: Originally Posted by garmentmerchant Yes LK and that would be the approriate form to wear the decorations. Hats off to you LK a gentleman and a scholar There are miniature versions of standard military awards, yes. I was asking more in reference to neck awards. Thanks all for the help.
If one has been awarded by a military association, is it ever proper to wear it with black tie unless the invitation reads as such? According to the Black Tie Guide: "It is acceptable to wear military and civil decorations at state and other prestigious ceremonial functions providing the invitation states White Tie, Decorations (Evening Dress, Decorations in UK and Australia) or Black Tie, Decorations (Dinner Jacket, Decorations). Other variations of these phrases -...
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