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Quote: Originally Posted by audiophilia Name five clothing/accessory rules you follow. 1. PS in 99.9% of jackets 2. Appropriate colors/materials for DTP 3. No black daywear 4. Shine your shoes 5. Everything fits correctly (well, I try at least) Quote: Originally Posted by audiophilia Name your five clothing/sartorial dislikes. 1. The last two generations' general disregard for style 2. Pleats 3....
Quote: Originally Posted by Brownshoe Summer Fall It's not as funny without the punchline that he isn't actually wearing any trousers.
Quote: Originally Posted by aleksandr Meh, nothing smaller than a 9 Sucks to have short (but fat) feet Sucks just as much to be on the other end. Before I started dressing well, I always had to do my shopping in the back room of stores. It was easier to just pick from what they had in my size instead of picking nice shoes and getting told 'no' half a dozen times. I'm anywhere between 12.5E and 14D, depending on the brand and type of...
PM sent on the 13D Evanstons. Thanks!
PM sent on white RLBL trousers, sz 35.
Quote: Originally Posted by arnach Who is the local shirtmaker? I'm speaking in general. There aren't really any convenient shirtmakers in Baghdad. When I'm home, I am considering Nathan's or Franco's in Richmond, VA. I will be moving around, however, and want to be prepared no matter where I am. Thanks for the advice.
I searched, but all I found were city recommendations. Split from the 'best dress shirts for $100-$150' thread; Quote: Originally Posted by J Simulcik I'm seriously considering having shirts made when I get back to the states. In this price range, what does one look for to indicate an acceptable level of quality? What about fabrics? Also, do tailors usually have samples of their style for viewing? Basically, what are 3-5 questions...
Quote: Originally Posted by JammieDodger They're funny, but I hope you didn't spend too much on them. No, and I know where and when they're appropriate for wear. Like I said, they're coming with a few 'nicer' pairs. I figure most people will view them as artsy shapes, etc. anyway.
Picked up these, among other more serious sets, from http://www.1stchoicecufflinks.com They shipped my entire order within 24 hours and worldwide shipping on orders over $55 is free. The categories make things really easy to find as well.
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