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No question I'll be outbid, but man, I had to try for these!
Is it coincidence that I read the title of the thread along with the user name of the poster, as one? Seriously, I'd agree that one should buy a dinner jacket. Maybe it shouldn't be the first thing in the closet, as it was with me, but SF helped me dress for my wedding and the ideas presented here stuck. I've worn it 2-3 times a year in addition to my wedding, and am beginning to increase that number as well.
I'll throw another vote in for wearing FC shirts without a suit. I prefer French cuffs to a level that others would probably consider a ridiculous amount. Then again, my personal style relies on odd jackets 8/10 times, so it's rare that I have links on a bare shirt. I have done it in the past, however, and will do so again.
Quote: Originally Posted by ozonemania My cotton/terry robe is my staple lounge wear at night. Not so much in the summer though. If it's warm, I'll wear my lightweight cotton robe (i.e. yukata). +1, though wool or cashmere might be an option when I move to a cooler climate.
Pulling together one more for a Fall trip to the Caribbean. Cream BB 2btn sport coat Shirt-? Assume the belt is coordinated Nantucket Reds or Blue PRL T Chinos (or...) Brown on White J&M Saddle Shoes Accessories are completely in the air at this point. Little help?
Would a waistcoat like this BB go well with a SB 1B peak lapel?
Quote: Originally Posted by Star Why didn't you take your gloves off, give him a slap, and then demand that you work this out like gentleman at dawn..... not sure though who gets to pick the weapon ? "Rule 5. As a blow is strictly prohibited under any circumstances among gentlemen, no verbal apology can be received for such an insult. The alternatives, therefore -- the offender handing a cane to the injured party, to be used on his own back,...
PM sent on the jacket.
Quote: Originally Posted by Shraka I'm the opposite. I think peak lapel looks too formal for semi formal. Looks like it belongs on a white tie jacket. WARNING: 2¢ The peak lapel does belong on a dress coat; it's the only style that does. With semi-formal, you can retain the peak lapel or dress slightly more intimately with a shawl lapel jacket. The notched lapel is informal, originating with the lounge suit--an informal garment. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May I use tie bars on occasion, but not with chains. +1
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