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I'll throw another vote in for wearing FC shirts without a suit. I prefer French cuffs to a level that others would probably consider a ridiculous amount. Then again, my personal style relies on odd jackets 8/10 times, so it's rare that I have links on a bare shirt. I have done it in the past, however, and will do so again.
Quote: Originally Posted by ozonemania My cotton/terry robe is my staple lounge wear at night. Not so much in the summer though. If it's warm, I'll wear my lightweight cotton robe (i.e. yukata). +1, though wool or cashmere might be an option when I move to a cooler climate.
Pulling together one more for a Fall trip to the Caribbean. Cream BB 2btn sport coat Shirt-? Assume the belt is coordinated Nantucket Reds or Blue PRL T Chinos (or...) Brown on White J&M Saddle Shoes Accessories are completely in the air at this point. Little help?
Would a waistcoat like this BB go well with a SB 1B peak lapel?
Quote: Originally Posted by Star Why didn't you take your gloves off, give him a slap, and then demand that you work this out like gentleman at dawn..... not sure though who gets to pick the weapon ? "Rule 5. As a blow is strictly prohibited under any circumstances among gentlemen, no verbal apology can be received for such an insult. The alternatives, therefore -- the offender handing a cane to the injured party, to be used on his own back,...
PM sent on the jacket.
Quote: Originally Posted by Shraka I'm the opposite. I think peak lapel looks too formal for semi formal. Looks like it belongs on a white tie jacket. WARNING: 2¢ The peak lapel does belong on a dress coat; it's the only style that does. With semi-formal, you can retain the peak lapel or dress slightly more intimately with a shawl lapel jacket. The notched lapel is informal, originating with the lounge suit--an informal garment. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May I use tie bars on occasion, but not with chains. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by iron_ball I'm not a fan of notch lapel semi-formal, but more importantly, where can you find stud sets of 5? Also, that boutonnière is far too large for that lapel width, and the tie is obviously pre-tied. I think it just breaks too many rules.
Quote: Originally Posted by CodeRed Ron-When are the tall boots coming out? +1
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