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I have never had the chance to wear white tie, but with black tie I wear a Tavannes similar to this Waltham, but slightly younger. I like it.
At 26, I get much the same response, but only from people I don't know. Friends and family understand that I dress well because I like to and because I think it's respectful to those around me. That said, I will dress 'more my age' (think streetwear and denim, not what the mall kids are wearing) during the day while I tend to go 'dressed up' in the evenings. I also take into account where I will be and with whom. This is a strategy that has worked well for me for the...
Yeah, the Peter Hubers, too.
PM sent on the boots
Johnston and Murphy
The best advice that I never got was to stay away from dark shirts, at least to begin with. I actually gave up, for a time, trying to dress as well as some forum members because I could never combine colors and patterns. In the end, the whole issue turned out to be an irreconciliable difference between the 'fashion' shirts I was buying and the 'style' look I was going for. Once I tried light shirts, I improved my look by leaps and bounds.
I recently moved to AE from J&M, which is my Grandfather's brand. As a student wearing mostly khakis and navy, I would go with the chili weybridge. It's more casual and the color would be a good match.
I change my tactics depending on the item, and how much lower I'm willing to pay than retail. The only time I feel bad is when I snipe using the 'buy it now' option. Of course, if the bidders were willing to pay more, they should have made their max bid at least half-BIN to disable that option.
No question I'll be outbid, but man, I had to try for these!
Is it coincidence that I read the title of the thread along with the user name of the poster, as one? Seriously, I'd agree that one should buy a dinner jacket. Maybe it shouldn't be the first thing in the closet, as it was with me, but SF helped me dress for my wedding and the ideas presented here stuck. I've worn it 2-3 times a year in addition to my wedding, and am beginning to increase that number as well.
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