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Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Things like seersucker and white shoes get put away after Labor Day, at least in my closet. They are just too inconically "summer" to me. Other spring/summer gear like linen suits and shirts, and tan (band-aid colored) shoes get worn until the weather turns. +1
When's the other book credited toward manton to be released? I think that one will be very interesting as well.
I paid and got the jacket pretty quickly. Not doubting anyone; just saying.
Two words...
Pm #10
Quote: Originally Posted by HORNS This picture makes me shudder because each bump looks like the nipple on a cadaver. Quote: Originally Posted by Willsw I thought the same thing. And now, so will I, for every last ostrich item I see for the rest of my life. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by stylemeup I wish to buy high-end trench coat for the fall and winter months. What is everything I need to know before I buy one? Trench coats are for trenches. In answer to your actual question, Paul Smith has a nice db in grey herringbone cotton/wool/nylon. Model is 293H-180.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel The interview or the book? I think the interview is longer than the book. I was barely able to labor through it. Jeez manton, a 6 paragraph discourse as an answer to "first off, what should we call you" The book. Then I came to SF and read the interview! Is it possible for one to OD on manton? So far I seem ok... Perhaps because our formal writing styles are similar.
I actually just finished it about an hour ago-- Fantastic!
I like them for some pieces, usually on sale. Growing up in the Mid-Atlantic, they were part of the 3J clothing triumvirate: J crew, J press, J mclaughlin.
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