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Quote: Originally Posted by Trojanman74 D widths are available - excellent I agree. Then again, your 'at cost +$12' plan isn't helping me as much here as it does for NR. We need to figure something else out!
With the increased fees and stricter listing rules, you'd think they'd be able to crack down on blatantly misrepresented product like this one. http://cgi.ebay.com/mens-shoes-Allen...QQcmdZViewItem Nope, these surely aren't seconds or returns, etc. That marker on the sole is just factory decoration. Yup!
I suggest a one button SB jacket.
I prefer a silk white-on-white paisley, like the one from Kent Wang. It's classic and classy at the same time.
Evanston was my first big-boy shoe, but I really like the Manhattan as well.
I'm getting trees, but each shoe is shown as it was shipped. I have yet to see any of these in real life. Newspaper is good for after walking in the rain/snow, but I don't use it for storage!
Anywhere that sells to the military will have black for females; the Marines have scarlet, as well. I don't know their history, but they remind me of the longer versions worn by members of certain religious sects in the 1600's and 1700's.
Oh, and C&J brown on white saddles [no pic]
Minister C, Would you expand on the trad-ness of saddle shoes in various combinations? I certainly enjoy my three pair.
On your shirts, no. In your shirts, personal choice.
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