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Quote: Originally Posted by JeffsWood Smoke MOP - I just like them better. On the same token have you thought about picking a differnt KW cuff link for each groomsman? It woudl be more personal, and there is no reason why they all have to wear mathcing links. +2 (one for each idea)
Never seen Bones, but Supernatural is very Americana. I would recommend any of Levi's Trucker Jackets. $68 unlined $78 lined $89.50 slim cut
+1 on: white shirts, jeans. -1 on: solids only, BB non-iron, pocket squares, double cuffs. 0Δ on: contrast collars. ...and I'm a 27 year old Virginian. (sometimes region matters)
I've always seen it listed as velvet collar, as the lapels stop where the collar starts. Chesterfields have collars like that.
Quote: Originally Posted by RatherAnOddball Oh, here's another: I saw a Seinfeld the other day where Jerry's new suede jacket was destroyed by snow. I've never owned suede anything before, but was hoping to get some suede shoes - is it true that even a modest amount of moisture will make them spotty? If not, where does the idea come from that it will? I have a suede jacket that's seen some fog/light drizzle/flurries, and it's fine. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by drax Yes 'tis true. An edition is currently under way for a March publication date. Xander, Do you have a source for this? V/R
Quote: Originally Posted by Mildly Consumptive the broguey seamy part. That's the technical term.
Quote: Originally Posted by visionology That thing must be a bitch to parallel park. Never had to yet....I fear the day is coming.
Black and tan can work. In this case, please reference the below:
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