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Quote: Originally Posted by JeffsWood Smoke MOP - I just like them better. On the same token have you thought about picking a differnt KW cuff link for each groomsman? It woudl be more personal, and there is no reason why they all have to wear mathcing links. +2 (one for each idea)
Never seen Bones, but Supernatural is very Americana. I would recommend any of Levi's Trucker Jackets. $68 unlined $78 lined $89.50 slim cut
+1 on: white shirts, jeans. -1 on: solids only, BB non-iron, pocket squares, double cuffs. 0Δ on: contrast collars. ...and I'm a 27 year old Virginian. (sometimes region matters)
I've always seen it listed as velvet collar, as the lapels stop where the collar starts. Chesterfields have collars like that.
Quote: Originally Posted by RatherAnOddball Oh, here's another: I saw a Seinfeld the other day where Jerry's new suede jacket was destroyed by snow. I've never owned suede anything before, but was hoping to get some suede shoes - is it true that even a modest amount of moisture will make them spotty? If not, where does the idea come from that it will? I have a suede jacket that's seen some fog/light drizzle/flurries, and it's fine. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by drax Yes 'tis true. An edition is currently under way for a March publication date. Xander, Do you have a source for this? V/R
Quote: Originally Posted by Mildly Consumptive the broguey seamy part. That's the technical term.
Quote: Originally Posted by visionology That thing must be a bitch to parallel park. Never had to yet....I fear the day is coming.
Though surveillance might be an issue, there's one way we'll know if the election is rigged again this year; it's going to take a serious amount of construction to get Number One Observatory Circle up on blocks... Yeah, yeah...I'm not a huge fan of Obama, either.
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