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They're the wrong trousers for that look. Should be pleats: no, cuffs: yes. And they could be a bit lighter, I'd agree. The longest they have is 11"x20' Cheers!
length of the moleskins?
Quote: Originally Posted by Viktri It is likely OP means OP's boyfriend's shoulders are heavily built which results in a rounded shoulder. Agree with Viktri. I've always believed that, same as suits/sportcoats, one should fit the shoulders, neck, and arm length, and have the body and sleeves tailored. It's just part of the process of owning clothes that fit. Now then... This is a terrible picture. I'm sure it came from a google...
Much better, yes. I will advocate the pocketsquare, however. Get a few basics from Kent Wang; they're not too expensive and if you decide you really will never wear them, put them in the B&S at $5.00 off.
I attended my (then) girlfriend's senior show in jeans and a jacket, no tie. I ended up where I wanted to be, better than most but not better than the exhibitors. I believe this is the right approach.
I don't know how common the 'sportcoats are shorter' idea is, but this isn't the first I've heard it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Zenny You can ruin the drape of a jacket if you place bulky items in the pockets. I only use the inside 2 pockets to carry around a wallet (with a few keys) and my phone. Everything else goes in my bag. The only things ever in my pants pockets are my hands. Okay, I can see where this was a limitation of the internet medium. I don't advocate loading your pockets up with heavy items, either. I will carry...
Quote: Originally Posted by letmebefell Don't open the side pockets, however. This will remove the temptation to use them. That is their intended purpose. Why wouldn't you use them?
I think a strong marketing campaign focusing on the English desire for sunny summer days and beaches. Being an Australian brand may help, as there is a definite connection between the two countries. I would push a strong contrast of traditional English leisure vs. the surf culture. Maybe pull in some regionally unique things from Brit surf culture.
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