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gmail still offers "classic version" *hint*hint (actually, not even sure if gmail even does that, but some site I often visit does)
Quote: Originally Posted by Mandrake9072 So given this title's thread, are any of you actually planning on quitting Facebook for good after getting into G+? I personally wouldn't mind quitting FB and starting from scratch. I'll decide if I get into G+ anytime soon. Whether I quit FB or not will depend upon wtvr others are trending. Sad, but true.
the way she walks
Another drop
I currently use the Harvard Business Review blog app for my android phone, but was wondering anyone had any other good recommendations??
Price drop!
Do these shits still sell on SF?? APC new standard sz 28 Worn 1.5 hours, don't want. My loss your gain. Waist 14.75" Now asking soldski
are the CEOs of mitsuibishi, toyota, hyundai, Canon, Sony, Honda white people??
Tame Impala- entire Innerspeaker album
really enjoy this architectural based tumblr
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