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Despite my tailor's very vocal objections, flat-front and cuffed for me.
Despite the recent frenzy, I'm still in the market for 32s or 34s. Please hit me up if you have any to unload. And despite knowing what the sellers paid, which was fairly easy to guess, I don't mind paying a premium because they're still taking the time to take photos, measurements, etc., and I don't have access to these type of deals where I live. A win-win in my book.
Thigh measurement on the Mabitex?
How about a thigh measurement from the crotch horizontally?
***SOLD***Thanks for looking Sadly, this beautiful pair of Incotex I purchased from Lefty will not fit me, despite pleas to my tailor. Just too tight. This is great deal on a staple pair of pants. Just looking to recoup what I paid - $55 shipped. Details: Waist - 32 Thigh - 12 Knee - 9 Hem - 8 Length - unhemmed There is one small flaw, which shouldn't be a big deal if you don't have an abnormally long inseam. There's a pull on the left pant leg,...
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I have nothing to add to the nose/mouth question, but for heavy compounds, such as bench and squat, it helps to fully inflate your abdomen and hold your breath during the eccentric portion of the lift, and exhale during the contraction.
Quote: ^word. eat as much as you can, train heavy and hard 3 days a week. if i see one more 18 year old who weighs 150 doing lateral raises and cable crossovers, i will fucking scream. Ha, so true. Right there with you.
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