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Late to the party, but will pick up any/all of the following, if they're still around: Nicky brown w/ small blue and light blue flowers Anna Matuzzo navy/pink H&B navy w/ small flowers
Mattjp87 is a legit seller and quick shipper. Thanks again for the easy transaction!
Some pics below...looking at these again, suppose there is a bit more indigo bleed than I remember. Still, this is somewhat inevitable, I think, and if you're skilled with a suede brush you may be able to get most of it out. Anyway, feel free to make offers...trade or sale. Thanks. Worst of the indigo bleed: Little bit of indigo on an eyelet/lace: Compared to my sz. 11 Quoddys (which run just a bit large)
Picked up a pair of the tan suede Sperry chukkas from the Gilt sale a few weeks ago, and made the mistake of buying TTS. I'm a standard 11D, and as others have mentioned, these run a half to full size too small. This pair would fit a sz. 10 well, I think, and would also work for a 10.5, although the fit may be somewhat tight. Disclaimer: wore 'em once with my iron hearts, and there's some indigo bleed near the heels of each shoe. Nothing that wouldn't happen anyway...
Looking to pick up a pair of IH634s. My natural waist is 33" and I have to accommodate my thighs, which are a bit more than 24". Do I go with tagged 33s (W:32.8, thigh 12.2), or tagged 34s (W:33.3, thigh 12.8). Heard the 634s stretch quite a bit. Appreciate the collective's advice.
As other members have stated, it's a simple issue of market size. I have a 12" drop (hence my SN), and before I started going custom, I could never buy anything OTR. My drop is a byproduct of years of rigorous fitness training; suppose you could call it bodybuilding, but I simply like to excel at athletics and take care of my body. JBird, thanks for sticking up for us "meatheads." I do often wonder why some individuals look to clothing to conceal poor physiques,...
I'm a standard 11D, and I picked up a pair of size 11 Quoddys. Fit seems great to me. I suppose you could size down .5, but I wouldn't consider it mandatory.
If only my size...nicest cps out there, imo
Anyone know of etailers that are carrying the army field jacket?
Quote: Quote: Originally Posted by drop Kiya -- I was going to pick up a pair of size 32 F380s, but it looks like you recently sold the one pair you had left. Is a size 34 IH634S about the same cut? Looks like it from your size charts. Will you be getting a restock of F380s anytime soon? Appreciate your help. Get the 634s, it's about the same cut and we recommend the jean to anybody that loves the F380 and vice a...
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