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Quote: I believe the Self Edge thigh measurements are taken 1" below the crotch (as opposed to right at the crotch). I think the 11.5" measurement on the 32 translates to about a 12" measurement at the crotch. I am a true 32 and the waist on my SL-100x measured 31.5" new, and the thigh (at the crotch) was ~11.75". These were a tagged 30 but they have modified the cut and measurements since then, so I don't know how applicable they are; however, if I were to...
Question for the collective...searched the thread, but still a bit confused. Looking to pick up a pair of SL100s, and can't decide if I should get 32s or 33s. My true waist is 33, but I typically need a thigh of at least 11.75. So, should I go with the 33s, which would be the best fit for my thighs but potentially loose in the top block post-stretch, or go for the 32s and hope that the thighs stretch enough? If it's helpful, APC Rescues in size 30 have worked well...
Had to give the overall to Snake. So damn good. But, honorable mentions: Scott M: Best use of color Aeglus: Perfect proportions Synthese: Best gravity-defying hair AR_Six: Most in need of better photography (seriously homie, a better photo and you would of got my vote)
Quote: What is your price range? Quote: Also, by "non-contrast" stitching, does that mean stitching that is the same color as the denim? Would be great if I could find something in the $200 to $250 range, but price is more of a secondary factor. And yeah, I'm looking for stitching that matches the color of the denim. Love my Iron Hearts as much as the next guy, but looking to get away from orange stitching for my next pair of...
Question for all the denim heads: I'm looking for a pair of raw, straight-legs with non-constrast stitching. Any ideas? Fits that have worked for me in the past include APC Rescues, NDG Regular Fits and IH634s. Obviously tons of options with contrast stitching, but would love to switch it up and find something with matching stitching.
Focus on your weight for the next four to six months. And while you're at it, also start saving some cash so that, once you've slimmed down, you can reward yourself with new clothes that properly highlight your improved physique. The old one-two punch, or something like that...
What Parker said.
Looking for a size 42ish tuxedo. Not picky on maker or details (although shawl collar would be preferable). Need a chest measurement of 22" and a shoulder of 19". Thanks in advance. Tim
Very nice. I see a pair or two of Pantas in my future (not to be confused with the much less desirable pantis). Any chance you could post a thigh measurement for the 32s and 34s, Ed?
Had a great transaction with Vinicio. Item was better than described, and shipping was quick, quick. Thanks again.
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