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goddamnit, i swear i am going to outsource some poor guy in india to scour SF for PSA's and the B&S round the clock.
damnit, i've been looking for these shoes in this size for months RARGHHHH
I am interested & pm sent. Is there a catalogue of some sort for me to match up against? That way I can refer exactly to which fabric I am speaking of when onthe phone with them (thus avoiding any mix-ups and language barriers).
goddamn, do these fit 10.5D?? damn SF b/s is just killing my wallet
pm sent
My Santoni Clubs also squeak. Sigh...
Quote: Originally Posted by djh if you read the site, it says their jeans are fowarded from their NYC offices to India, where the actual jeans are reproduced.. I kindly refer you sir, to the dumb like a doorknob on my previous post. Anyways... the jeans came in today, pics to come later when I get home.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger Honestly, the $90 raw selvage sound tempting... i grabbed pair (im dumb like a doorknob), last i checked the tracking it just got released from customs yesterday and i expect it to come in this week. funny thing about the tracking is it originated from india... i guess i'll do my part and update you guys on them.
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 This is a little out there, but green looks really good with a pink shirt. Not dark green, but a green with more yellow in it. I wear this combo, which in your head doesn't look good, but I get a lot of compliments on it. pics!
that is a bad thing? i'd be happier with the first if there wasn't that weird thing at the front. Bought for comfort so i can drop my Michael Jackson-esque dance moves and to stumble (inebriated of course) into my home. The second is on the fence, and will probably not make the cut. back on topic, in my limited experience, such places are usually a club with casual chic dress code. You could get away with almost anything depending on management. All the recommendations...
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