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this is great value
they turned out pretty good in my limited experience, they fit well enough and being a fat fuck like me only makes it difficult to grab a pair of something like APC or Nudies. I have been wearing them off and on for a while, whenever its appropiate for me. The rear right pocket is fading in nicely. I have soaked them about three times and washed them once (really bad mustard spill). Right now, they are so soft and comfy, I will probably pick up a 2nd pair (and extend...
would love those AEs in 10.5D :\\
Hi folks, been looking around and I can't seem to find that one watch thread with recommendations to registered dealers of vintage/new watches. I would rather pay extra for authenticity rather than save a few bucks and risk buying a counterfeit. I am looking for this watch: Hermes Clipper Automatic GMT Power Reserve If anyone can direct me to where I can purchase this (new/used) I will make it worth your while.
goddamn, id love to buy those AEs, but alas they are not my size
i am also interested in contacting them
goddamnit, i swear i am going to outsource some poor guy in india to scour SF for PSA's and the B&S round the clock.
damnit, i've been looking for these shoes in this size for months RARGHHHH
I am interested & pm sent. Is there a catalogue of some sort for me to match up against? That way I can refer exactly to which fabric I am speaking of when onthe phone with them (thus avoiding any mix-ups and language barriers).
goddamn, do these fit 10.5D?? damn SF b/s is just killing my wallet
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