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Thinking of buying the below boots and having them cut down to 8 eyelets. Thoughts? Does anyone own these here?
Buy suit separates.
Does anyone have the warner chukka in brown?
Namor, get some venetian cream and use it on the shells. The roughness will go away with wear and brushing.
very nice, gdl. I like that brown tie a lot. Panta? I'd love to see a full length photo sometime, if you don't mind.
Does this belong here? True colors are on the left pic.
Your boot collection is awesome NAMOR. Also, don't be afraid to wash the chinos more often
Consider a Grand Seiko. They don't match all your criteria, but for the $$ paid, these are really worth it. I particularly like these two:
Even in fiery chesnut?
Great fit on the blue blazer, TTO. Very nice proportions -- your trimmed beard looks better too! What khakis are you wearing here?
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