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bump for posterity. Some of the images are lost - -did anyone save a copy of the images tutee posted? tutee has been ill and does not have backups. I am really hoping someone saved them.
Ich_dien, nice colors in your outfit but those trousers are way too short (even more so with those loafers). I think a slight break will look good on your frame -- the jacket could also be a tad longer. The overall effect is very thom brownish, though it may be your intended look.
I don't think the first look is CBD at all -- something feels discordant (probably the contrast collar)and I think that tie and the shirt don't go well together. Why are your pocket squares exploding like that? I hope not by choice.
I am going to guess C&J for Brooks Brothers.
Those boots are simply fantastic DW ! The lines (curves, rather) are beautiful.
I like that a lot, G. Hober tie?
I also think that part of the reason for the SW&D and MC divide is the underlying philosophy itself -- a lot of people in MC want to to stick to the "golden era" of "classic" men's style and try to constrain themselves into a strict set of (misunderstood) rules, executed poorly. Plenty of people even see this thread itself as an example. The SW&D crowd is more fashion forward, as in, they are much more open to accepting and wanting to explore new trends, new makers and new...
I think this would have be better with some dark denim or dark brown cords.I like those boots -- who made them? Corcoran, by any chance?
The other thing about SW&D is that they will buy an item of clothing or a pair of shoes just for the looks and style only, without fussing (as most of MC does) about longevity and "quality". I find that outlook refreshing at times.
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