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Spoo, those 2" cuffs are distracting -- I think you'll do well with 1.75" or even 1.5". I like the length of the coat on you.
Does NORE stand for no-regrets?
Great to hear that they fit well -- hope this is the pair you've been looking for.Thanks for the bluefly link - a bit too rich for my blood right now. Also, my footwear interests have changed direction somewhat, but I have something interesting (well, atleast to me) coming up soon. No, not bespoke. Will post pics here -- I expect it to be be polarizing. We'll see.
Does "Minimal march" work?
Moo, those shoes look great (what did I miss last week?). How is the fit? Hope to see a on-foot photo on WAYWRN sometime!
I like these a lot. Very nice pair!
^ Very nice fit, G. I'm liking the green tie - grey suit combo more and more. I enjoyed your "awful full pic" as well and request that you post more of those
TB, take a look at this thread:
These boots have very hard wearing soles. It'll take you years to wear down that heel -- adding a steel heel plate is unnecessary.
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