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Even with all the tasty food, you still speak ill of my homeland. How dare you
Looks great, the coat part of the upcoming line? Please say yes
^ Your sweatshirt is fine, no need for any alterations. I like your simpler fits BTW.
I've gotten rid of most of my RTW dress shoes (either sold or donated). Very annoyed with fit issues with most RTW brands, "high end" and "low end", american and english. A few more pair left in the closet and they will be culled within the next month, money lost be damned. Currently these are the only shoes I wear, and they cost me all of $9 a pair. The sole is a "zero drop" (i.e same height in the heel area as in the forepart), unstructured (no padding, arch support or...
B, sometimes we also need to listen, even if what is being said is *completely* opposite to our experiences, esp when it is coming from a stalwart teacher -- there is a chance that we might actually learn something new I've seen this over and over in my (albeit short) career and it is worth thinking about.My age is smaller than DW's experience, so I bow to his expertise -- there are points that I disagree with him as well but as far as footwear goes, he really is an...
DW, I believe he was referring to the brogue pattern below on his shoes:
And we all thank you for not being a dick.
I like the allen edmonds products - non-silicone suede spray protector and suede shampoo - both work well. For $11 total (free shipping in the US), I don't think anything else comes close.
ThreadBearer, something in this color/pattern would be very nice with that blazer combo. The greens you have are far too light (atleast as I see on my monitor) -- you want a dark, muted green with some minimal muted accent colors.
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