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huh ... what? kg looks great in that photo.
Love this outfit Rob.Did you ever check out that boot place?
I already did ... see post above.
Not Manton. That looks more like gdl. Great outfit, except the no-break trou, but it just might be the photo.
That is Bruce Boyer, looking classy as always.
For sale is a pair of Vass shell PTBs in saddle shell (similar to alden's ravello shell). The PTBs are on the New Peter aka P2 last in size 42.5 with a goyser welt. As you can see below, the shoes are in STELLAR condition as all the shell shoes I've sold in the past. These PTBs cost me a lot more when I got them new. They have been worn maybe a dozen times and have always been well taken care of. Never worn in rain/wet weather yada yada. The shoes have a thin rubber topy...
I don't like the pebble grain leather on those veldt boots -- it looks very artificial, more so than other pebbled grain leathers that I've seen here. Probably it was chosen to make the boots more waterproof. I bet it looks good with cords/tweeds/moleskin trousers in autumn/winter.
One of your best outfits, Mr. K ... I like the fit and the elements a lot. I wish you'd stick to more of this than your brighter chino experiments And to those of you who said chucks are inappropriate here -- you guys are totally nuts. No offense, but within the context of that fit, chucks are the perfect shoes to wear. Dark brown suede chukkas would have been great as well. Holdfast, those jeans look too .. neat. Get them wrinkled and worn in, and they'll be great. Did...
Citan, I think that the polo II cut looks the best on you ... with (as others have suggested) less waist supression.
Now imagine the same muggliness and humidity at much higher temps and you have a taste of FL weather.
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