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Not that I know of -- from what I know, the widest alden makes in the leydon last on this model is 'E' width. I bought my pair 1/2 size too long and it was not comfortable to wear. I should really go down 1/2 size and one up in width (basically your size 9 C/E) but I am concerned that the heel width would be too much for my narrow heels. I practically gave up on the barrie last for the very same reason.How's the fit on your pair?
Sold them (fit issues with that last). Have to try a wider width and see if that'll work That unlined chukka is one of the best shoes alden makes, in my opinion.
rikod, it might be helpful if you get 1 or 2 additional holes punched so as to wear the shoes a little looser in the instep. If the shoes fits comfortable everywhere else, buckling them a little loose might just do the trick, akin to tying the laces a little looser. Hope this helps. Your shoes look great, btw.
After looking at your other pics on flickr, I am going to guess these are on the barrie or trubalance.
I like these a lot Isshy. I can only imagine how much more nicer a pair dark brown suede would be.
Spoo, I'd pair a nice pair of british tan khakis with that jacket. Parker posted an excellent fit a while ago with a grey jacket and khakis (and suede shoes of course) and it looked fantastic. Can't find the pic unfortunately.
Those are stellar Pliny.
Acridsheep, this is perhaps the best jacket I've seen you in. The fit is very good in the shoulders, chest and the waist, and I think the length looks good as well. I like the lapels -- if the lapels were slimmed near that buttoning point, I think it would look better, but I like it as it is. You should consider keeping the jacket and getting it tailored by someone who knows what he is doing. And from what I remember, Bogart's shawl collar dinner jacket in Casablanca was...
B, thanks for the photos -- those look absolutely terrific. The collars look soooooooo nice. Mina did a great job for you! Am I right in guessing that the fabric is S-G chambray? I am going to check with David if he can source a good pale blue chambray for me.
Oh wow, it's like taking a trip in the time machine. I don't even remember starting this thread. I got mine from Mercer and I really enjoy them for wearing in summer. B, weren't you considering getting a few made as well earlier? Don't remember if it was Dege or Mina, but if you did get them made, I'd love to see some photos.
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