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The RL shells need occasional application of venetian cream to keep them smooth and shining nicely. Brushing alone doesn't cut it
NOBD, how are you liking the flex-welt chukkas? Fit good?
Thank you.I ask that myself, but ah well. I had too many pairs and had to get rid of a few. Look up the old B&S and search for "purge" with my username to see my sale threads.Bal boots are hard to fit, but the most probable reason is that alden does not have the patterns and is not willing to create any.
My old captoes on aberdeen in whiskey shell -- I don't have them anymore (sold to an alden aficianado on SF). Probably the best shell pair I had.FYI, alden does not make balmorals on the modified last. Bluchers only.
Spoo, I hate to say this ... I think those shoes looks horrendous.
mmkn, while your analysis has some merit, I think that (digital) photos themselves distort the picture somewhat. None of the photos you posted above are what I'd consider showing colors anywhere close to true, be it of the man or of the clothes. While the elder R. gent has on occasion shown to be wearing colors that do not suit him well, I am sure that he'd look great in real life most of the time.
Not that I know of -- from what I know, the widest alden makes in the leydon last on this model is 'E' width. I bought my pair 1/2 size too long and it was not comfortable to wear. I should really go down 1/2 size and one up in width (basically your size 9 C/E) but I am concerned that the heel width would be too much for my narrow heels. I practically gave up on the barrie last for the very same reason.How's the fit on your pair?
Sold them (fit issues with that last). Have to try a wider width and see if that'll work That unlined chukka is one of the best shoes alden makes, in my opinion.
rikod, it might be helpful if you get 1 or 2 additional holes punched so as to wear the shoes a little looser in the instep. If the shoes fits comfortable everywhere else, buckling them a little loose might just do the trick, akin to tying the laces a little looser. Hope this helps. Your shoes look great, btw.
After looking at your other pics on flickr, I am going to guess these are on the barrie or trubalance.
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