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Ah, just saw that. No for me I will wait . hope someone will make these with commando and blind eyelets.
Sazon, do you have any photos showing them worn on the foot from the front? The brass eyelets are too shiny for me, I usually prefer blind or darker colored eyelets but I am wondering of the brass shine dulls away with wear .
Thank you very much.The unionmade makeups are pretty nice .. they have the dark suede I want but the boot has brass eyelets After seeing their chamois boot and the NRO suede indy with cork sole + lighter welt, I am mostly now inclined to just go with commando sole )or get a leather sole and put topy on).That light welt looks good on ligher bots but look out of place here:Ah, the search continues.
Does anyone know where I can find a dark suede indy boot with either a cork or a commando sole? Any retailers offering this makeup currently?
Claghorn - if you have black knit tie, try how it works with the linen jacket - no pocket square. (Please don't stone me for the black knit suggestion).
You now have to do the classic stone cold pose in your WAYWRN pics. Or the classic Hulk Hogan pose. July 4th is coming. Maybe take a vote?
What? What? WHAT? You don't know, SB? You are stone cold, man. You sound like a Steve. Did you grow up in Austin, perchance?
After seeing that outstandng shaping, perfect proportions I had to come out of the woods to comment. I've liked a lot of what you've posted, Claghorn, and this jacket is definitely loud, but the pattern showcases your tailor's skills and your good physique exceptionally well. Just for that, it is worth keeping amongst the much more sedate items in your wardrobe!I also wanted to say this - I absolutely love the high rise you get on your trousers. They really elevate your...
Can you please tell us where you got these from?
Very nicely done, NOBD. That jacket looks great on you.
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