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Good info and GREAT taste in pieces! Nice collection, sir!
Thank you! The navy comes on the watch from IWC but it almost looks black:That's a nice Stowa! Good representation of the navy.That particular strap is an OEM IWC. I ordered it for my 3717 Pilot's Chrono and when it came it was 20mm instead of 21mm so I stuck it on the 3714 and it worked. I've heard great things about IWC replacement straps from "The Watch Boys" though.
Are you guys under the impression that this watch was made in some sort of tribute to the Tom Cruise movie? I assumed, both on what I consider common sense and also on a lack of any marketing using the movie and/or the stars (that I've seen at least), that this watch was made more in connection with the Navy Fighter Weapons School, which of course was the inspiration for the movie (in nickname, logo, etc.). It is no different than having Navy SEALS, PORSCHE Design, etc....
Does anyone know where one can purchase Ganzo leather items? Specifically shell wallets? I've found a few things on Rakuten that are sold out but is there a more efficient way to view all of their available products?
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy Actually I like the leather thingy - who makes it? Any other colors? Since it's PG I would assume that it's Bottega Venetta (sp?).
Haha, well all those except the Bud Light are singles and when I don't have a keg in the kegerator it serves as my beverage fridge.
Quote: Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard Yes, there are a lot of ignorant people who will challenge you if you're drinking something they've never heard of. On the other hand, a lot of beer snobs will refuse to drink the Natty/PBR/Busch/etc. served up en masse at parties or at dive bars. That's just asking for trouble, IMO. When in Rome... Agreed. I love the "I'm sorry, I just can't drink it and I can't believe you can either." I love...
Here in Athens (and I suspect many other hard-drinking college towns) a few of the more popular bars will switch out the kegs of Bud, Bud Light, Coors Light, and Miller Light for their respective cheaper versions like Natty, Beast, etc. Noone ever suspects a thing. I have a few ideas in my head of cheap beers I could tell a difference in, but in practice I'd probably fail miserably. The exception might be PBR which I feel is the most distinguishable of the crap beers.
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow Are they kidding me? $120 for a watch strap? Shell Cordovan shoes cost $500. And watch straps can be made from left-over leather. Wow. Most quality straps start at $60 and an alligator, croc, or lizard strap at even a drug store is likely to cost you $85+ in a men's size. For a premium "brand" this is not at all unreasonable. Do you cry this loudly at other "overpriced" branded goods? Kiton is just cotton or...
Awesome thread. will go away. It'll bother you and take some time, but I've experienced this from both sides and it will go away and unless you're super neurotic, things will get totally back to normal. Might take like 9 years though. But you guys really love each other. Right?
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