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Drops on second style Cucinelli coats. Prices won't go any lower than this on this style.
Drops on Borrelli suit #6. Now down to 975 usd!
Another pricedrop on the last Borrelli suit, now down to 1030 usd!
Dropped to 85!
First style now also dropped again. All jackets now down to 465!
More drops on 46EU Borrelli suit #1!
Pricedrop on 3th style. In the meantime I'm slowly moving these to ebay.
Due to a non-responding buyer, the second shirt is now back available. Also, the price is dropped to 90usd excl actual shipping.
I think there's one for ladies vags, it's called purseforum or something. Dont know if they do mens briefcases etc as well.
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