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Thanks! Drops on 1st style remaining striped Cucinelli jacket.
Cucinelli #3 Sold. Drops on Borrelli NWT suit. Seriously, a staple colour at this price?!
Unfortunate the Borrelli suit didn't work out for you. I can personally vouch for the awesomeness of that suit. The handwork details are incredible, and the fabric is very soft and versatile. This should be a wardrobe stable for everyone. Pictures don't do this badass suit justice!
Other Borrelli Jacket also dropped.
Drops on plain Borrelli Jacket.
Drop on NWT Borrelli suit
Drops on Borrelli checked jacket.
Drops on plain Borrelli jacket: down to 425!
Remeasured the Borrelli suit and made some adjustments, please refer to the ne measurements. Like I said in the first post, everything here is unaltered and nwt, all rtw collection as it is currently carried by stores. Furthermore: pricedrop on Borrelli suit: 855 USD!
Consolidating my 2 previous threads as they are past editting date, and incorporating pricedrops! Shipping is a flat 35 USD to almost all locations. Europe might work out a little cheaper, just ask and let me know where you are. First up for sale are some gorgeous NWT Brunello Cucinelli sportcoats. All are NWT, and ofcourse unaltered, ready to appear in WAYWRN! Look at the incredible craftsmanship that goes into these jackets. Beautiful handwork, lovely shoulders....
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