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Quote: Originally Posted by uNiCoRnPriNcEsSx i'm part of this split. I'm sorry, thought you referred to the aventus bottle I just sold.
Quote: Originally Posted by El Argentino Yeah - I still today remain shocked at the price differences between here and Holland. Any time you want to proxy scents for me, I will shoot you a pm for sure! Keep an eye on this thread, if it turns out te be feasible, i might start doing some splits. Quote: Originally Posted by uNiCoRnPriNcEsSx What's the status on the Aventus? it's sold as a whole.
This is now sold, however I might be doing some creed splits in the future. Keep an eye on the fragrance split thread!
Hey guys, i'm quite new to this topic, never really noticed it. The aventus bottle for sale is mine (at least, for a few hours remaining, lol). There's tons of pms on it, so that one will not be split. However, I didn't really know that Creed was so expensive over there in US. This might make it interesting for me to do some splits, which could work out cheap for you guys. I would have to know some things though: -Where do you guys get the cans to put the splits in? And...
I have a Creed Aventus 120ML Bottle (4 oz) that's over 90% full. Received this as a gift, and although my GF loves it, it's just not for me. This retails for 280+tax in the USA. I'm offering my bottle for 140 USD excluding shipping, which will obviously vary upon location. this is now sold unfortunaly!
Got a bottle of Creed Aventus recently, but it's just not for me. Would anybody potentially be interested in this? It's a 120ml bottle, which is over 90% full I estimate.
Drops on NWT Borrelli suit. Come on, a staple, unaltered, basted nwt Borrelli Napoli suit at this price level?!?!
Drops on last remaining beige tan Cucinelli Jacket!!
Quote: Originally Posted by nytek The first one I posted with the white dial is an authentic that has just been full restored, cleaned, and serviced. It's sold by a small family owned business in the UK that just restores one vintage Omega each week into the condition that you now see - obviously they do not have watches with significant wear and tear to begin with. I guess we can debate the merits of why one would buy vintage and whether the "vintage"...
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