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Borrelli blue tie sold pending payment.
By front of the tie do you mean the wider part? there is handstitching there as well, though harder to take pictures of(it's stitched tighter). Would possibly damage the stitching if I pulled it to photograph it. After the lighter blue thick stitch on the wide part, the handstitching goes up untill the smaller part which i did get on the pic. hope this clarifies. No more Attolinis, would most likely be Borrelli and Brioni only.
Here you go, hope this is what you were referring to. At the small end you can see the irregular hand-stitching. Pictures are taken with flash.
Don't have it, but will make one right now and post it in a few minutes.
Cucinelli tie sold pending payment. Just added another beautiful brioni tie.
I just received an 80 usd offer through pm on the Cucinelli. So any offers lower than that won't make sense.
I guess i will be able to post this in an envelope? In that case, I'll make the above prices including shipping and change first post. Thanks for your comment. If I can make you happy with the Attolini, let me know. Shipping to amsterdam won't be a problem from Rotterdam
My first selling topic, will do my best If this is of any interest I might be able to source some more. All ties are new. The Borrelli tie comes with tag. The brioni ones come without(they are sold in stores without tag). Cucinelli, RLBL and Attolini are nwot. I run a webshop(not clothing related) and ship on a daily basis. I check email/pm frequently but keep in mind I live in Europe so there might be a time difference since most of you are in USA. Prices include basic...
Any luck on getting one in eu54? My dad wants one after having seen mine(cant blame him). Please PM.
I have this very same jacket, it's awesome. It's the nicest jacket I have. Free bump I guess. Someone should pick up that last 52.
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