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Brioni #2 sold. I sourced another RLBL checked tie, which is for sale at 50 as were the other one I had. I also added another beautiful NWT Borrelli tie which is really soft!
Striped brioni sold.
striped brioni sold pending payment.
Cucinelli tie sold.
Allright, I sometimes don't quite get these proverbs. I can read and write english quite well, unfortunately I sometimes misinterpret things.
What do you mean? I don't know if you mean that literally or if it's like a phrase. Please let me know. They're definetily not dirty. If you are lead to believe so, it's the pictures. Although i cant find any dirt on my screen. Will take new pictures if that's needed. //edit// as an addition, fabric might give a lighter/darker tone when light falls on it in a different way.
RLBL sold, Quick payment
rlbl sold pending payment.
Pricedrops on remaining ties.
Cucinelli tie available again. Borrelli sold.
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