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NWOT Ermenegildo Zegna 100%cashmere navy 38L jacket. It's deep navy, made of PURE cashmere. Beautifully made. SOLD!
2 Borrelli ties sold.
Quote: Originally Posted by windrunner PM sent !! something must have gone wrong, havent received any from you. please try again.
There initially was a problem with the pics, the should be working 100% now.
Another Ties topic. Same terms as the one before. All prices include shipping. All ties are NEW. Only Borrellis come with tag, brionis come without tags(they're sold in stores without tags). I take paypal. Please note that some borrelli ties are longer! So check measurements. EVERYTHING SOLD!
Replied to. Second RLBL sold pending payment.
Quote: Originally Posted by distinctive I was hoping the Attolini would be pink That indeed would be awesome. Although in blue it's a really beautiful piece. It's looks very subtle at first but draws attention on closer look. It was also the one and only time I came across one. Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff that grey/brown rlbl glenplaid tie will not last long. im telling you right now My thoughts exactly
Payment received for Attolini and Borrell. Only the RLBL still available!
Attolini sold pending payment
Newly added Borrelli sold pending payment.
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