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Other two pending are now sold, payment received. 4 beautiful borrellis left, and 1 stunning Brioni!
1 of 3 pending is sold.
Pms replied to. 3 ties sold pending payment
Pricedrop on all remaining tis, grab some while supplies last! The ties look even better in the flesh than on the photos!
Pricedrop on this amazing 100%cashmere jacket! Pictures really don't do it justice. It's the best looking navy jacket I've ever seen(and i've seen alot)
Little more info: It's fully lined, 3 button, however I reckon it can be worn as a 3button roll. The fabric is absolutely wonderfu. It's VERY soft. Where are you 38L guys?
Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi Brioni tie - now THAT's decadent It sure is, feel free to buy
One borrelli up for sale again.
Another Borrelli Sold. I'm off to bed now, it's 11pm here. Pms and posts will be responded to tomorrow morning in the order in which they were received. First reactions(either pm or post) gets it.
Quote: Originally Posted by cacky PM'ed on the last Borrelli replied to and sold pending payment
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